Cowhide Grain Leather, 100G Thinsulate Lined, Patch Palm Work GloveA fantastic pair of winter work gloves at an unbeatable price. The reason grain leather glove is constructed from 3 pieces of scrap leather, creating the “patch palm.” This maes the glove less expensive than a glove cut from one piece of leather. This makes it a perfect choice for dirtier or more abrasive jobs that wear through gloves quickly. Lined with 100G thinsulate, this makes the glove a top choice for winter leather work gloves. Features:Lightweight 100 gram Thinsulate liner provides insulation from coldand absorbs moisture from perspirationGrain leather is a great source of abrasion resistance and will provide low level water resistance when working in damp conditionsA patch palm glove is sewn from 3 pieces of scrap leather, this saves money in raw materials while providing the same performance as a one piece leather palm work gloveThis work glove can be usedin job applications such as:IndustrialRanchingTruck driversConstructionFarm equipment

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